Photodetectors for Squeezed Light

Our standard photodetectors are ideal for implementing quantum measurements such as characterizing squeezed light. They offer the lowest noise equivalant power and highest quantum efficiency of any commercially available detectors, at a highly competitive price. When ordering, first select one of the following photodiodes.

Wavelength [nm] Quantum Efficiency [%] Part Number
200-1040 50-75 PIN200
380-550 90-98 PIN420
430-760 90-97 PIN540
510-820 90-97 PIN600
690-990 90-96 PIN920
980-1550 90-98 PIN1300
1064 99 PIN1064
1550 99 PIN1550
1250-2500 50-77 PIN1900
2800-5200 50-80 PIN4600

Once a photodiode is selected, we will integrate two of these into one of our balanced detectors. The table below gives the performance specifications of our balanced transimpedance amplifier.

Parameter Value Unit Notes
Gain 10k Ohms
-3dB power bandwidth 500 MHz Typical, depends on photodiode selection
Noise flatband 1k - 300M Hz Typical, depends on photodiode selection
Minimum noise equivalant current 2 pA/rtHz
Output voltage range +/-5 V 50 Ohm load
Output impedance 50 Ohms

If you need something outside of these specifications, please reach out. We are happy to customize a detector to your needs.